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Jean-Michel Graulich , dentist veterinarian

Vet dentistry

Bad breath, gum disease, periodontitis, or even dental abscess, plaque can cause very serious trouble in our dogs and cats. A regular vet check-up can treat problems before they become severe.

Dr Graulich is particularly concerned by his patients’s oral hygiene and will tell you how to slow down the build up of plaque. If necessary, he will suggest dental treatment and will use the same equipment as a dentist. Your animal will experience no discomfort, being sedated or put under short anesthesia if needed.

Descaling before & after

Vet dentistry

All pets may have, or develop, problems with their teeth, gums or jaws. 

Just as with your own trips to the dentist, a regular check-up can make the difference between a quick clean or a series of extractions

Contact him today for an emergency or veterinary dental consultation.

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