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Veterinary surgery and hospitalization in Bruxelles

Surgery in Bruxelles

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Graulich can give you peace of mind if your pet needs surgical help. From dogs and cats through to guinea pigs and rabbits, if your pet needs an operation, Dr Graulich is a safe pair of hands.

His principle is to limit invasive treatment as far as possible, and he will always pay great attention to pain monitoring and the post-op comfort of your pet.

His practice is equipped with a modern operating theatre with anesthetic gas, digital X-ray equipment and a laboratory for most types of analysis..

If your pet is wounded, has swallowed something it shouldn't have, or has a condition like bladder stones, then all Dr Graulich's experience will be put at your pet's disposal, to ensure it has the maximum chance of a healthy, happy life. From basic surgery, like neutering a male cat, to complex, intestinal surgery, Dr Graulich will be using the latest techniques in a fully equipped operating theatre.

Contact Graulich, veterinarian in Bruxelles in Brussels.

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